3-Minute Ultra-Fast-Charging Batteries In The Pipeline

How long does it take to charge your electric vehicle? Known to have some of the fastest charging capabilities out there, Tesla allows you to charge your Model 3 up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes using the brand’s 250kW Supercharger. Using a 7kW home wall charger, however, can take more than 7 hours.

British firm Nyobolt, the battery technology company, is planning to slash electric car charging time down to just a few minutes as it brings its patented fast-charging battery technology to the world of electric vehicles through a partnership with design and engineering business, CALLUM. The aim is an ultra-fast 3-minute charge.

Mobile Nyobolt charger.

Nyobolt is set to present a complete rethink to the automotive sector with batteries no longer the limiting factor in electric car development. By unlocking the potential of battery performance, Nyobolt has created a technology that is manufacturable and scalable right now and will make recharging as convenient as refueling a gasoline or diesel car. 

To achieve this technological breakthrough, Nyobolt’s world-leading team has taken a systems-level approach to developing fast-charging, high-power battery solutions, pioneering new materials, cell designs, efficient software control, and power electronics.

With CALLUM’s established automotive design and engineering capabilities, as well as its in-house engineering facilities in Warwickshire, the companies will collaborate on projects that incorporate this patented battery technology. 

The first automotive concept, which demonstrates how the technology can be utilized in passenger vehicles, will be unveiled in June this year. It has been designed by revered car designer Julian Thomson – now design director at General Motors Advanced Design Europe – with the concept developed and executed by CALLUM.

Dr Sai Shivareddy, Nyobolt’s CEO, said: “At Nyobolt we are unlocking the potential of battery technology to power innovations that cannot wait. The fast-paced switch to battery electric vehicles across the world is a great example of an industry that needs our patented battery right now to slash charging times from hours to a few minutes.

“Partnering with an established name such as CALLUM and utilizing its experience and expertise in both automotive design and engineering will support our strategic aim of securing adoption in this sector.”

David Fairbairn, managing director at CALLUM, said: “We continue to see charging, access to battery materials and battery degradation as pain points in the transition to electric vehicles. Nyobolt’s pioneering battery technology provides the automotive industry with a solution to these enormous challenges. In the coming months we will illustrate the compelling benefits this new technology has for the sector and for motorists.”


Nyobolt’s ultra-fast-charging batteries are just what the EV industry has been waiting for. Just how long it will take to get these batteries into production vehicles is uncertain, but being able to charge an EV to over 80% in a few minutes will do wonders to change the public perception of EVs, thus accelerating much wider EV interest and adoption.

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