Hertz Auctioning Off Thousands of Tesla Nationwide

Rental car company Hertz is auctioning off nearly 20,000 electric vehicles across the United States, according to reports circulating among auto dealers. The majority of the EVs up for auction, over 14,000 are Teslas.

Just last week, Hertz announced ambitious plans to electrify one-third of its global rental fleet with 20,000 EVs. Now, it seems those vehicles are already hitting dealer auctions.

According to Car Dealership Guy, Hertz’s nationwide auction list contains 19,909 cars for sale. Over 72% of those are Tesla, with the majority being Model 3.  

credit: @GuyDealership

If you are a retail consumer in the market for an electric vehicle, be sure to check out the used EVs available for sale and inquire about eligibility for the federal used EV tax credit of up to $4,000. This tax credit applies to previously-owned EVs purchased from qualified dealers, effectively lowering the upfront cost. When shopping for a used EV, pay close attention to the vehicle’s battery age and mileage, as these factors can impact driving range. The used EV tax credit makes pre-owned electric models even more affordable, but don’t leave money on the table by forgetting to ask the dealer about that potential $4,000 rebate. Taking advantage of available incentives brings quality used EVs within reach for more buyers.

Nonetheless, used EVs should begin flooding dealer lots over the coming months as Hertz liquidates assets. For buyers looking to go electric, it presents an opportunity to score discounted Teslas and other pre-owned electric cars across the country. But I highly recommend comparing with new Tesla as many models qualify for $7,500 ev tax credit at point of sale. 

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