Hot-Selling Proton X50 Gets Major Update


When the Proton X50 originally made its debut back in 2020, it soon became a fan favourite. Proton in fact has given new owners of the B-segment SUV more than 110,000 units in less than four years making it one of the brand’s most popular models.

Furthermore, the Proton X50 has been exported to 12 nations, including Bangladesh, South Africa, Fiji, Mauritius, and Trinidad and Tobago.


In contrast, the Geely Binrui/Coolray, the automobile that served as the base model for the Proton X50, has sold more than 770,000 copies in 51 regions where it is left-hand drive.

The 2024 Proton X50 has been updated, boasting revised infotainment, and hefty NVH improvements plus an improved 360-degree surround view monitor (Premium and Flagship varieties) with better cameras.

Visit our launch coverage, which is accessible here, for all the information about the new 2024 Proton X50.

The New X50 Employs Faster Infotainment System

The majority of the Proton X50’s improvements are inside, with the 10.3-inch infotainment display—which is now standard on all models—being the most noteworthy. Yep, the base model will now be equipped with the same infotainment system as the flagship model, complete with integrated connectivity features like built-in Spotify audio streaming and the Proton Link smartphone app for remote car control.

A new “dual quad-core processing unit” with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage has been added to the infotainment unit along with the new screen. According to Proton, this new processor can provide up to 3.3x more computing power, which translates into a 33% faster boot up time and a 55% faster loading time.

Though it is still not accessible here, Proton claims that providing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is their “number one priority” and reiterates that it will be available shortly once they work out some last-minute licensing issues.

The remaining features of the Proton X50, like its powertrain, are mostly carried over from the previous model. The 1.5-litre turbocharged inline-three cylinder engine, which produces 150 horsepower and 226 Nm, is still used to power the bottom three models. The flagship option is limited to the 1.5-liter TGDi turbocharged inline-three engine with direct injection, which produces 177 horsepower and 255 Nm delivering better performance.


Selling over 110,000 units in a dozen countries since 2020 proves just how popular the X50 is. And now with some handy updates including a better performing and faster infotainment system across all models, as well as vastly improved NVH levels making the car more pleasurable to drive, are features that will surely generate stronger traffic to showrooms.

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