Hyundai Mobis Unveils MOBION Electric Vehicle that Travels Sideways

Hyundai Mobis, a leading global automotive supplier, has unveiled its vision for the future of electric vehicles – the MOBION concept EV. Equipped with Hyundai Mobis’ proprietary e-Corner module technology, the MOBION can move laterally, diagonally and even pivot in place, providing unprecedented mobility and driving dynamics.

The e-Corner modules enable independent control of each wheel through an integrated system combining electric motors, braking, suspension and steering. This allows the MOBION to slide sideways, crab diagonally and spin 360 degrees within its own footprint.

“The MOBION showcases our most advanced technologies in electrification and vehicle dynamics that are ready for mass production,” said Seung-Hwan Lee, Head of Advanced Engineering at Hyundai Mobis. “With the e-Corner module, we are reimagining how electric vehicles can move for greater safety, responsiveness and fun behind the wheel.”

The key innovation making this possible is Hyundai Mobis’ In-Wheel electric drive system placing compact, high-power density motors directly within each wheel. This eliminates the need for a large central drive motor and enables precise torque vectoring to each wheel. 

Integrated brake, suspension and steering systems round out the e-Corner module’s capabilities. Software coordination brings it all together for unprecedented omnidirectional movements no traditional EV can achieve.

Well, looks like we gonna be drifting turns at the push of a button. 

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