Is Tesla Cybertruck Coming to Malaysia?

Excitement is building around the possible Malaysia launch of Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck, after the electric pickup truck was recently spotted at a Tesla showroom in China. With no official Malaysia launch date or pricing yet announced, there is speculation amongst Malaysian Tesla fans and EV enthusiasts about when the Cybertruck could arrive and how much it could cost.

According to pricing revealed in the US market, the rear-wheel drive Cybertruck is expected to start at around RM290,000, while the all-wheel drive dual motor version could come in at approximately RM380,000. The top-spec tri-motor “Cyberbeast” model may command over RM470,000 based on US pricing. 

However, Tesla has so far only opened orders for the more expensive Foundation Series all-wheel drive version and tri-motor Cyberbeast in the US, priced from $99,990 (RM476,000). This suggests strong demand for the premium configurations, which Malaysian buyers interested in advanced performance EVs may also favor.


Cybertruck is unlikely to officially launch in Malaysia before 2026 at the very earliest, given production constraints and massive US demand. Tesla is expected to prioritize satisfying early domestic orders first before allocating units abroad. 

Nonetheless, Tesla’s ever-growing fanbase in tech-savvy Malaysia will be anxiously keeping tabs on any Cybertruck developments, as the radically styled electric pickup stands to be an attention-grabbing addition to luxury EV offerings in the country. Those interested may want to prepare their wallets – this machine from the future certainly won’t come cheap. 

I wonder if the Cybertruck’s bold design language discourages aggressive driving and tailgating.

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