Jordan Welcomes BYD’s Game-Changing Electric Seagull

Chinese automaker BYD has officially launched their all-electric BYD Seagull model in Jordan, delivering the first 60 units to pre-order customers in the country. The delivery event marks a historic moment as the largest retail car delivery ceremony ever held in Jordan. 

The BYD Seagull starts at an affordable price point of 7,400 Jordanian dinars (approximately $10,400 USD), making it very competitively priced compared to other EVs in the market. This positions the Seagull for massive adoption as Jordanians look to transition towards more sustainable transport.

The Seagull comes equipped with BYD’s advanced Blade Battery technology for extended driving range up to 405 km on a single charge. With zippy acceleration and high tech features, the Seagull aims to make electric vehicles appealing to mainstream car buyers in Jordan.

As a leading global EV company, BYD’s ability to enter Jordan signals positive momentum for green transit in a region reliant on oil but progressing towards eco-friendly transport.

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