Malaysia’s Popular Perodua Brand Teases New Models Ahead Of Brunei Debut

Having just celebrated its 30th anniversary, Malaysia’s popular brand Perodua has hinted on social media that it plans to launch the Axia and Alza models in Brunei, which just happens to be one of the few places Perodua models are exported.

GHK Motors sells Perodua as well as Mitsubishi, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, MG, and Maxus in the oil-rich kingdom. In Brunei, the carmaker only offers one spec pf the Perodua Bezza with its 1.0 G Auto, and that car retails for BND 19,000 (RM 67k).

Even though the variant to go on sale has not been specified, given past trends, we expect that Perodua will not introduce its more expensive models. The flagship AV variant of the previous generation Alza is unlikely to be available in Brunei as there was just one SE type available in the nation.

Since it is a standard feature on all Malaysian models, the Brunei-spec Alza will employ the ASA 3.0 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Pumping out 106 ps and 138 Nm, the 1.5-litre naturally aspirated engine that powers the Brunei-spec Alza will be mated with an automatic D-CVT transmission, which is similar to Malaysia’s spec.

The Brunei-spec Axia could however miss out on ADAS which is only offered here on its AV variant. It will, however, be equipped with the same NA 1.0-litre 3-piston engine (68 PS/91 Nm) and D-CVT automatic gearbox.

The Brunei-spec Peroduas’ prices and variants will be revealed later, but we may be able to infer some information from their Toyota siblings. Based on the pricing differences between the Toyota Wigo and Veloz (~RM 84k and BND 38,747, respectively), it is possible that the Perodua equivalents will be less expensive.

At BND 17,454 (~RM 62k), the Proton Saga is currently the cheapest new car in Brunei, but that might be undercut by the Perodua Axia soon.


Given the inherent wealth of Brunei, we wonder why Perodua is considering anything less than bringing in its flagship-spec model. Although we are glad to see that the car to go on sale there will get the full ADAS suite 

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