Petronas And Gentari Tie Up With Amazon For New Energy Solutions

In a joint statement this week, Petronas and Gentari announced that they had signed a partnership agreement for sustainability, decarbonization and SDG initiatives with Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This agreement is in line with Petronas’s commitment to provide affordable, low-carbon energy solutions while lowering the emissions intensity of its operations.

The companies’ partnership reflects a comprehensive approach towards sustainability, technological advancement, and socio-economic progress.

Malaysian clean energy company Gentari will collaborate with other service providers to further electrify Amazon India’s transport network as one of the projects to that aim. By 2025, Amazon has promised to have 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in its delivery fleet in India. As part of this partnership, Gentari will supply EVs and fleet management services to Amazon’s third-party delivery service providers.

A “plant of the future” that aspires to scale Petronas’ current research and development activities for the possible production of microalgae oil as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel is being investigated by Petronas and Amazon Web Services.

In the meantime, Petronas and Amazon Web Services will explore designing a “plant of the future” that plans to scale existing research and development efforts by Petronas for the potential production of microalgae oil as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel.

For possible integration in sectors including mobility, stationary power applications, and carbon management, Amazon plans to assess Petronas’ low-carbon and alternative fuel solutions.

According to the statement, Petronas will also keep utilising AWS cloud technology to expand its new solutions, including Stear, a cloud-based logistics platform for the offshore industry, and Setel, an electronic wallet for purchasing fuel at Petronas service stations.

According to Petronas, both technical and non-technical staff members will continue to improve their digital literacy through the AWS training and certification programmes, in keeping with AWS’ broader commitment to assisting in the creation of a workforce that is digitally skilled for Malaysia’s digital economy.

Gentari CEO Sushil Purohit expressed excitement about supporting Amazon’s responsible approach to decarbonizing their operations and assisting them in achieving their net zero aspirations. “In line with our aim to become a valued clean energy solutions partner through our comprehensive offerings in renewable energy, hydrogen, and green mobility, Gentari is excited to support Amazon’s net zero aspirations,” he added.


A partnership between these three is a godsend for Malaysia. This is undoubtedly the best, most effective collaboration we could hope to see at the top end of Malaysia’s energy infrastructure. It’s also great to see these major firms focusing on reinforcing staff education programmes.

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