Tesla Rolls Out Latest Full Self-Driving Beta – Promising Improvements for Autonomous Driving

Tesla has released their newest Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software update – version 12.1.2 – to customers yesterday. This advanced driver assistance system enables Tesla vehicles to drive autonomously on city streets with little to no driver intervention. 

Early testing by Whole Mars Catalog of FSD Beta 12.1.2 in a Model S has shown promising results. Over a short drive, no disengagements or takeovers were required, indicating the improved performance of this latest update.

A key advancement with version 12.1.2 is Tesla’s transition to a single neural network trained on millions of miles of video data. This replaces the previous system that relied on over 300,000 lines of hard-coded software. By utilizing a flexible neural net trained on real-world driving footage, Tesla’s autopilot system can continue learning and adapting to handle more diverse driving scenarios.

The progress of Tesla’s FSD software is an exciting milestone in the development of fully autonomous vehicles. With further refinement, systems like this could one day enable self-driving cars to navigate traffic safely without human oversight. 

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