Tesla’s Head Of Investor Relations Clarifies Growth Plans

Tesla Gigafactory

Emmanuel Rosner of Deutsche Bank stated that Tesla had admitted to being in “an intermediate low-growth period” after the rapid growth of the Model 3 and Model Y over the past 5 years. 

However, Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha clarified that Tesla is simply “between two major growth waves” – the first driven by the Model 3 and Model Y since 2017, and the next wave to be driven by an upcoming “next gen vehicle,” likely referring to the rumored $25,000 model.

Tesla first announced its 50% CAGR goal in 2020, on the heels of rapid growth in Model 3 and Model Y sales. Despite economic headwinds, Tesla appears confident it can maintain this trajectory as it continues expanding production capacity and rolls out new lower-cost models.

The reaffirmation of the 50% target signals that Tesla believes it has a strong product roadmap and strategy to drive substantial growth well into the future. Investors seem optimistic about the company’s ability to deliver, with Tesla’s market valuation remaining resilient even amidst the current downturn.

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