Tesla’s New No Resale Policy For Cybertruck

Tesla has implemented a new policy that prohibits owners from reselling their Cybertruck truck within the first years after purchase. This clause is listed on Tesla’s website and aims to prevent early adopters from quickly flipping their Cybertruck for a profit. 

The highly anticipated Cybertruck is one of the most hyped vehicle releases of 2023, so Tesla likely wants to discourage owners from taking advantage of the initial demand. A similar no-resale period applies to Ford’s GT supercar.

This policy makes sense from Tesla’s perspective as creator of the product. For example, last month the Petersen Automotive Museum auctioned off an early Cybertruck VIN for $400,000 – well above market value.  

While owners may be disappointed, Tesla likely wants to ensure Cybertrucks go to buyers who actually want them rather than speculators hoping to capitalize on short-term demand. The policy aims to reward Tesla’s loyal customers.

Here is the simplified version:

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