This $25,000 Electric Car is Taking China’s Market by Storm

Geely Auto Group has launched the Galaxy E8, the first all-electric sedan in the Galaxy product lineup. The E8 features a segment-leading 45-inch 8K resolution smart touch-enabled “Galatic Screen,” as well as a drag coefficient down to an industry-leading 0.199. 

Utilizing Geely Holding Group’s in-house developed and produced batteries, the E8 is offered with three range options – 550km, 620km, and 665km – starting at RMB 175,800 ($24,750).

Our Thoughts

A $25k electric vehicle seems to be the holy grail popularized by Tesla. For those who don’t know, Geely is the owner of Volvo. 

My first thought is – is this real? The specs and pricing seem almost too good to be true for an electric sedan. 

My second thought is just wow, the EV competition in 2024 is so exciting. It’s great to see more affordable yet still highly specced options coming to market, sadly only in China for now. This should continue driving adoption of electric vehicles.

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