Toyota Unveils Evolved GR Yaris with 300HP Engine 

Toyota recently unveiled an evolved version of their performance GR Yaris model at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. The new GR Yaris features a more powerful 1.6L turbocharged engine now producing 300 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, as well as a new 8-speed automatic transmission developed by Toyota’s GAZOO Racing division.

The GR Yaris cockpit visibility and ergonomics were also improved based on race car designs. The driving position is 25mm lower, the steering wheel position adjusted, and rearview mirror relocated to expand forward visibility. Controls like the shift lever, handbrake, and gauges were optimized for performance driving.

Additional upgrades include increased body rigidity for better handling, an automatic transmission fluid cooler, and a new optional “Cooling Package” with upgrades like a sub-radiator and intercooler sprayer to handle repeated hard use.

With 300 horsepower in a light, rigid body, the new 2024 Toyota GR Yaris promises to deliver even better track-ready performance than the prior model when it goes on sale in Japan this spring. Motorsports development resulted in transmission and cockpit upgrades that improve the driving experience for rally, gymkhana, and circuit drivers alike.

Our Thoughts

For now, it seems this is only for Japanese market. 300hp doesn’t sound like a lot in the era of 1000hp electric cars, but squeezing that out of 1.6L engine is still bonker.

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