Toyota Yaris Delivers Class-Leading Comfort And Style In Malaysia

Don’t be fooled by this entry-level Toyota Yaris. It may be basic but it still delivers class-leading comfort, styling and refinement. Superior comfort is something that everyone values, regardless of whether they are vehicle enthusiasts or not. For this reason, people frequently update to more recent models.

The truth is, though, that you don’t need to purchase the priciest models in order to enjoy the utmost in luxury. The 2023 Yaris, which we believe to be the most comfortable hatchback currently offered in Malaysia, has landed in showrooms for as little as RM 88,000.

When we speak of comfort we are basically referring to three factors: seat comfort, noise levels within the vehicle, and ride quality.

Noisy, Vibration, Harshness, or NVH, are words frequently used when discussing a car’s refinement. It’s simple to say that the more refined a car is the more comfortable it is for all passengers. The chairs are a crucial component of comfort in addition to NVH. Uncomfortable seats can ruin a car, but good seats can make one. The cherry on top is a seat that provides ideal lumbar, side, and thigh support, among other benefits.

The Yaris performs admirably in each of the three major comfort categories. Its cabin insulation is of high quality, and the average noise level is comparable to that of vehicles in one class above. Long-distance travel is subjectively less stressful on passengers because the general frequency of noise is lower when cruising.

The Yaris’ suspension is finely tuned to effortlessly smooth out the worst our Malaysian roads have to offer. The damping in the Yaris is spot on, providing a soft but stable sensation usually reserved for premium cars.

The car is powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine generating 107 hp and 140Nm of torque, and paired with a smooth CVT. So it’s not a quick hatch but it’ll do what you need with ease, and it will get 7 litres/100km too.

The Yaris boasts a plethora of modern technological and safety features in addition to comfort and design. Featuring Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, the recently unveiled 9-inch display guarantees smooth smartphone connectivity.


What could well be as strong as the Yaris core features are its extensive sales and after-sales network, and its 5-year warranty. To sweeten the deal, Toyota Malaysia is currently offering a limited-time promotion worth RM 7,500, and coupled with a low installment plan of RM 658, your Yaris will start from under RM80,000.

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