You can Reserve XPENG’s AEROHT Flying Vehicle Soon

Chinese EV maker XPENG has opened reservations for its futuristic AEROHT flying car, targeting pre-order in Q4 2024. Unveiled in October 2023, the cyberpunk-styled vehicle combines a four-seater ground module with a two-seater piloted air module for true door-to-door travel via ground and air. 

The AEROHT’s ground module sports a hybrid powertrain, 6×6 drive mode and rear-wheel steering for ample carrying capacity and off-road performance reminiscent of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Its air module utilizes distributed electric propulsion and 270-degree cockpit visibility for accessible, automated flight.

As one of the first production-bound flying cars with a functional prototype, the AEROHT promises liberation from gridlocked traffics for urban travelers. XPENG is confident its rapid four-year development timeline will satiate enthusiasm for personal eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles). 

Our Thoughts

XPENG’s rapid timeline for developing and producing the road-ready AEROHT flying car demonstrates the breakneck innovation pacing China’s EV startups. As imaginative vehicles like the cyberpunk-inspired AEROHT take flight, the future of transportation looks ever more exciting. If XPENG can deliver on its ambitious goals, the speed at which Chinese automakers grasp futuristic concepts could usher in a new era of mobilization. For both commuters and tech enthusiasts, the future is freaky good indeed.

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