Zeekr To Expand Into Southeast Asia With Malaysia In Its Sights

According to Reuters, a Zeekr spokesperson has announced the company’s plan to begin operations in Thailand. The Chinese firm will collaborate with regional distributors to begin selling electric vehicles (EVs) in the first half of this year.

The EV carmaker is also expected to enter Malaysia in the not-too-distant future.

This action is a part of Zeekr’s larger plan to enter the Southeast Asian market. The plan gained traction after the company said in November that it was developing right-hand drive cars with the goal of delivering them to customers within the year. Plans for market penetration in Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia have also been disclosed by the corporation.

Zeekr is a rising brand in the EV industry. It is a division of Geely, one of the biggest automotive corporations in China, which also owns Proton.

Zeekr’s current lineup of vehicles includes the Zeekr 001, an electric shooting brake that blends an SUV’s roominess with a coupe’s streamlined silhouette, and the newly launched ZeekrX, a luxurious compact SUV that redefines style with its spacious interior and cutting-edge technology.

According to reports, Zeekr’s emphasis on providing an exceptional electric driving experience, coupled with its dedication to high performance, long-range capabilities, and fast charging technology, is what sets it apart.

Furthermore, the brand places a strong emphasis on clever technology integration, providing features that improve the user experience overall—features that are, to be frank, becoming common practice on most EVs today—such as interactive infotainment systems, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), and connection possibilities.

Zeekr’s arrival looks like having a big impact on the Malaysian EV market, which is still expanding. This is especially true if they bring their long range vehicles, which have a 620 km (WLTP) range—or around 500 km in the real world. With a WLTP-rated range of 696 kilometres (550 in the real world), the Mercedes EQS 500 4MATIC is now the EV class leader in long range.

Zeekr’s emphasis on performance, luxury, and technology is in line with Malaysian consumers’ changing tastes, who place a higher value on sustainability without sacrificing comfort or driving enjoyment.


Seeker could be the most significant debut in Malaysia since Tesla and BYD entered the market. And with Geely behind them, they are destined to go places. Furthermore, Zeekr’s fast-charging capabilities will be a significant benefit given Malaysia’s ongoing development of EV infrastructure, making it a desirable choice for individuals wishing to switch to electric mobility.

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