Tesla Backpedals On $50,000 Lawsuit Threat For Cybertruck Resales

It seems like Tesla may be reconsidering or adjusting their policy around reselling Cybertrucks within the first year of ownership. Based on the information provided:

Previously, there was language in Tesla’s Cybertruck purchase agreement that said buyers could be sued for $50,000 if they resold their truck within the first year. 

– Now, that specific clause about being sued for $50k is no longer there. 

– However, there is still language that says Tesla can cancel a Cybertruck order if they believe the buyer intends to resell it.

“No Resellers; Discontinuation; Cancellation. Tesla and its affiliates sell cars directly to end-consumers, and we may unilaterally cancel any order that we believe has been made with a view toward resale of the Vehicle or that has otherwise been made in bad faith, and we’ll keep your Order Fee, Order Deposit and Transportation Fee. This includes orders for which a third-party is facilitating or brokering the sale, or if the vehicles are to be exported to somewhere other than where you tell us you will be registering the Vehicle. We may also cancel your order and refund your Order Fee, Order Deposit and Transportation Fee if we discontinue or never release a product, feature or option after the time you place your order. We work to fulfill your order as quickly as we can. If you become unresponsive to us or fail to complete a requested action to progress towards delivery of your Vehicle, we may cancel your order and keep your Order Fee, Order Deposit and Transportation Fee. Alternatively, Tesla may give you the option to reconfigure your Vehicle at the current pricing.”

So Tesla appears to be softening their stance a bit – they seem to have removed the threat of a $50k lawsuit for reselling, but are still trying to discourage or prevent quick resales. The remaining policy gives them the option to cancel orders if they think the buyer isn’t planning to keep the truck.

It’s not entirely clear why Tesla is adjusting this, but it does suggest they are reconsidering or evolving their thinking around resales. The change reduces the harshness of the policy by removing the lawsuit threat, but still allows Tesla some discretion with cancelling orders. Overall, it seems to indicate Tesla is pulling back a bit from their initial hardline stance against resales, though their policy remains aimed at limiting them.

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