Visionary Lou Ann Hammond founded Carlist® in 1986 as a used car database in pre-internet days, and in 1998 she launched the website CARLIST.COM. The site was re-launched in 2022 as an online publication for automotive news, reviews, and buyer’s guides. Our goal is to create a fun, cohesive experience for users as they search through our extensive range of automotive coverage for their ideal vehicle.


Lou Ann Hammond

Lou was the founder and owner of the first privately owned automobile website carlist.com. Carlist® is the longest running used car database, since 1986, even prior to the internet. She has appeared on MSNBC, CNBC, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and Fox Business News, providing insight on the global car culture, advanced technology energy, and the oil business.

Andy Nurman

Andy founded multiple startups with over ten years of experience in sales, marketing, and management. He attended Texas A&M University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Peter Lyon
Editor in Chief

In a career spanning over 30 years, Peter has written about automobiles, innovation, games, luxury lifestyles, travel and food. Based in Tokyo since 1988, he hosts a globally broadcast TV show on Japan’s NHK World network called ‘Samurai Wheels’ and authored a book in 2014 in Japanese about car culture. Over the past 3 decades, Peter has written for publications including Car and Driver, Edmunds, Top Gear, Autocar, Auto Express, Quattroruote, The Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, Motor Magazine, Forbes, The Japan Times, GQ Japan, Newsweek Japan, Forbes Japan, Yahoo Japan and Yanko Design.

Satsuki Then
Senior Reporter

Satsuki has been a journalist for over a decade, covering technology and transportation. She was previously a senior editor on SlashGear US and Japan. Satsuki earned her Bachelor of Science in early childhood development at the University of North Texas.



Carlist was first used in commerce by Lou Ann Hammond as a used car database in pre-internet days


Acquired the domain Carlist.com. This foundational step paved the way for future online growth and innovation.


Launched a public website


Safeguarded brand identity by filing a trademark application for the standard character mark “Carlist” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This proactive step protected our exclusive rights to the name and ensured brand recognition in the US market.


Achieved official brand recognition with the successful registration of the “Carlist” trademark by the USPTO. This milestone secured our exclusive rights to the name and strengthened our brand protection within the US market.


In a testament to her foresight, Lou Ann established a talented team to ensure Carlist’s continued success and growth