Cybertruck vs F-150 Raptor R: Electric vs Gas

The newly launched Tesla Cybertruck promises to shake up the pickup truck world with its futuristic looks and unbelievable performance specs. Meanwhile, the new range-topping Ford F-150 Raptor R builds on the Raptor’s reputation for off-road supremacy. But which high-powered truck reigns supreme?

Starting at $109,145, the F-150 Raptor R swaps the standard model’s EcoBoost turbo V6 for a fire-breathing 5.2 liter Predator V8 with 700 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque hooked up to a 10-speed automatic and four-wheel drive. Performance still astounds for a full-size body-on-frame pickup: 0-60 mph arrives in less than 4 seconds on the way to a 12-second quarter mile. Its suspension soaks up brutal off-road terrain and jumps that would bend lesser trucks in half.

At first glance, the angular, stainless-steel Cybertruck looks like it drove in from an alien planet or action movie set. Love it or hate it, the design is radically different from any production pickup. Under the skin, the $99,990 highest end Cyberbeast version will sprint to 60 mph in a Ferrari-like 2.6 seconds with a governed top speed of 130 mph and quarter mile in under 11 seconds. The electric powertrain puts out a monstrous 845 hp and 10,296 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. Even with seating for five, it can supposedly tow up to 11,000 pounds.  

While the Raptor R has the goods for experienced desert runners and rock crawlers, the Cybertruck looks built to humiliate supercars on and off the pavement. 

When comparing options, keep in mind that features like the retractable tonneau cover, moonroof, and bed liner come standard on the Cybertruck but cost an extra $5,000 on the Raptor. Considering that, the Cybertruck may actually be the more affordable performance pickup option, despite Tesla’s premium reputation.

Obtaining a Cybertruck could prove challenging, even if willing to pay a premium price. None of these high-performance trucks come cheap to begin with. However, the Cybertruck faces additional constraints as a new model from Tesla, a manufacturer still overcoming production hurdles. Potential buyers may face long wait times or difficulties securing one of the limited units initially available. That said, there is demand for an electric truck with the Cybertruck’s unconventional design and impressive specifications like unparalleled acceleration, bulletproof windows and advanced driver assistance features that performance enthusiasts will appreciate.

However, traditional truck lovers will likely still favor the Raptor R for its brawny V8 engine note and muscular styling – appealing to the old school truck enthusiast who wants a modern take on a classic formula. Each truck targets a different buyer – the tech-savvy performance seeker eager for the Cybertruck’s futuristic technology or the devotee of a potent, time-tested pickup formula found in the Raptor R.

Who will end up getting my $100,000k? Tesla.

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