Gogoro Brings Electric Scooter And Battery Swap To The Philippines

Gogoro, a Taiwan-based electric scooter and battery swapping company, has recently expanded into the Philippines market. The company launched its Smartscooters and battery swapping service in Manila, marking its first expansion beyond Taiwan.  

It manufactures electric two-wheel Smartscooters along with an innovative battery swapping system. Rather than plugging in to charge batteries, riders can quickly swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones at Gogoro energy stations, avoiding charge wait times. This allows for minimal downtown between rides.

The Philippines launch enables riders in Manila to now purchase Gogoro electric scooters and utilize the company’s swappable battery infrastructure across the metro area. It represents Gogoro’s debut in the Philippines as it pursues wider global growth. By bringing its sustainable transportation model to cities worldwide, Gogoro aims to facilitate greener urban transportation and provide an eco-friendly alternative to gas scooters.

In Taiwan, Gogoro has:

  • Nearly 600,000 riders 
  • Over 1.3 million smart batteries
  • 12,000 swap stations at 2,500 locations
  • 400,000 daily battery swaps 
  • Over 500 million total battery swaps
  • Claims to have saved 770,000+ tons of CO2

Our Thoughts

Gogoro’s expansion into the Philippines is a positive step towards promoting sustainable urban transportation in Southeast Asia. The company’s innovative battery swapping system offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered scooters, which could significantly reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Manila.

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