Pivotal Launches First Production eVTOL Aircraft in US

Palo Alto-based Pivotal has begun sales of the Helix, their first production electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft available to consumers in the United States. The lightweight, compact personal flying vehicle starts at $190,000 USD and delivers an unmatched flying experience without requiring a pilot’s license.

“We’re thrilled to launch online sales for the highly anticipated Helix eVTOL aircraft,” said Pivotal CEO Ken Karklin. “The Helix removes barriers to experiencing the joy of aviation. With intuitive controls and a robust, fault-tolerant design focused on safety, it provides the freedom of personal flight to a whole new generation.”

Key features of the single-seat Helix include:

  • Powerful all-electric lift and thrust for vertical takeoff and landing
  • 30 minutes from storage to sky with easy assembly 
  • 16-foot trailer for transport when disassembled
  • Triple modular flight control system for reliability
  • Intuitive joystick controls and simple UI
  • HD camera and ADS-B traffic avoidance system (select models)
  • Comprehensive training included

Three customizable model packages are offered starting at $190,000 before applicable taxes and fees. Deliveries to US customers begin June 2024, with priority given to early buyers placing the $50,000 deposit.  

As an ultralight aircraft, the Helix complies with FAA Part 103 rules allowing non-certified recreational flights over non-congested areas. Extensive training tailored to owners develops key aviation skills for safe operation.  

Our Thoughts

The launch of the Pivotal Helix is an exciting step for personal electric aviation, with its slick design bound to entice wealthy buyers. However, its $190,000 price tag firmly positions the Helix as a luxury vehicle out of reach for most, for now.

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