Porsche Unveils 2025 Taycan: More Power, Range and Faster Charging

Porsche has unveiled the 2025 model year Taycan featuring major updates including more power, increased range, faster acceleration, quicker charging times and updated styling. The electric sports sedan and its Cross Turismo and Sport Turismo variants receive the improvements across all powertrain options. 

In the US market, pricing for the 2025 Taycan starts at $99,400 for the base Taycan, $118,500 for the 4S, $173,600 for the Turbo and $209,000 for the top-of-the-line Turbo S. 

The Cross Turismo variants are priced from $111,100 for the 4 Cross Turismo, $125,200 for the 4S Cross Turismo, $176,300 for the Turbo Cross Turismo and $211,700 for the Turbo S Cross Turismo.

While pricing for other markets like Singapore and Malaysia are yet to be announced, the updates make the 2025 Taycan an even more compelling option in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

The updated electric powertrains now produce up to 140 kW more power thanks to a new rear motor and modified components, allowing it to rocket to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds. The range also sees massive improvements – up 175 km or 35% more on the WLTP cycle to 678 km.

These significant gains are thanks to extensive efficiency enhancements by Porsche engineers, including new heat pumps, revised battery thermal management, low rolling resistance tires and more.

The 2025 Taycan’s charging times have been dramatically reduced as well. With support for up to 320 kW charging, the updated model can now go from 10 to an 80 percent charge of range in just 18 minutes under optimum conditions – almost halving charging times.


I believe buyers will be impressed by the remarkable charging speed and specifications of this electric car. Very impressive if you can afford it.

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