Tesla Charges Into Qatar With New Retail Store, Service Center

Electric vehicle maker Tesla is accelerating its expansion into the Middle East with the upcoming launch of its first retail store and service center in Qatar. 

The company said it will open the locations in the capital, Doha, during the first quarter of 2024 as it begins deliveries of its flagship sedans and SUVs.

Tesla’s arrival has been eagerly anticipated in the wealthy Gulf Arab state, where luxury vehicles are a common sight on the roads. Oil and gas-rich Qatar has set a target of having 10 percent of all vehicles be electric by 2030 as part of a wider push by Gulf Arab countries to move away from gas guzzlers and transition to cleaner energy.

Pricing and Specs

The Texas-based automaker will initially offer four models in Qatar — the Model S, the Model 3, the Model X and the Model Y. Note that Qatar will get the updated Model 3 Highland.

  • Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, QAR 164,990, 0-100 m/h 6.1s, 513 km WLTP range
  • Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive, QAR 184,990, 0-100 m/h 4.4s, 629 km WLTP range
  • Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive, QAR 184,990, 0-100 m/h 6.9s, 455 km WLTP range
  • Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive, QAR 204,990, 0-100 m/h 5.0s, 533 km WLTP range
  • Model Y Performance All-Wheel Drive, QAR 229,990, 0-100 m/h 3.7s, 514 km WLTP range
  • Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, QAR 314,990, 0-100 m/h 3.2s, 634 km WLTP range
  • Model S Plaid Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive, QAR 359,990, 0-100 m/h 2.1s, 600 km WLTP range. 
  • Model X Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, QAR 334,990, 0-100 m/h 3.9s, 576 km WLTP range
  • Model X Plaid Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive, QAR 379,990, 0-100 m/h 2.6s, 543 km WLTP range. 

All Tesla vehicles purchased in Qatar will include the company’s advanced autopilot driver-assistance system, which offers automatic emergency braking, collision warning systems and assisted parallel parking.

Tesla will open a pop-up store at the Doha Festival City Mall in Qatar in January. This temporary location will allow prospective buyers to view and test drive cars. It is being established prior to Tesla opening a permanent showroom in the country soon. Regional customers used to travel to showrooms in the West or to other markets in the Middle East to purchase or even test-drive Tesla vehicles.

The company also plans to outfit Qatar with its first Supercharger stations to allow drivers to charge their vehicles. Two stations with a total of 12 individual charging ports should be operational in the country by February, ensuring regional travel is possible for the growing roster of Tesla drivers.

Our Thoughts

This expansion presents opportunities to grow the business, while potentially also accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation in these regions. However, significant challenges remain in establishing the supporting infrastructure and meeting varying local needs.

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