Tesla Lowers Model Y Range: 2 Key Reasons Why

Tesla has lowered the EPA range estimates for the Model Y Long Range and Performance variants. The adjustments come as Tesla continues making improvements to comfort and functionality in its vehicles, which require additional battery power. 

The Model Y Long Range now has an EPA estimated range of 310 miles on a full charge, reduced from the previous 330 miles. Meanwhile, the Performance version sees its estimate drop to 285 miles, down 18 miles from the original 303 mile estimate.

The range reduction stems in part from changes to the EPA’s testing guidelines, which now better reflect real-world driving conditions across all manufacturers. However, Tesla also acknowledges that the comfort upgrades being added to the Model Y come at the cost of increased energy draw. 

The rear-wheel drive Model Y surprisingly retains its EPA range estimate of 260 miles. 

Our Thoughts

The impact on range, while unfortunate on paper, provides more clarity for customers deciding between Long Range, Performance, or Rear-Wheel Drive. The Long Range may remain the best value financially given its balance of range, acceleration, and price. Cost-conscious buyers may wish to avoid the Performance trim specifically, as its 21-inch performance tires can be quite expensive to replace regularly.

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