Britain’s Radical Reveals New Hot Bio-Fuel Friendly Race Car

  • The new SR3 XXR race car boasts 232-hp and the ability to use biofuel
  • The engine is sourced from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle that can spin to 10,000 revs.
  • The Radical is available through a global network catering to 21 countries

With over 1,500 units sold so far, the SR3 is one of Radical Motorsport’s most successful products in history. For the record, Radical is a British manufacturer and constructor of racing cars that was founded in 1997 by amateur drivers Mick Hyde and Phil Abbot who dared to build open cockpit cars which were track oriented but could be registered for road use too.

The 232-hp race car can use biofuel.

The prototype-style race car competes in at least 12 different Radical Cup championships across the globe and for the 2023 season, the company has a new member to its lineup. The track-only SR3 XXR is a more refined and hardcore version of the existing car.

In the U.S., the Radical North American Masters Championship visits seven circuits nationwide and one track in Canada. Meanwhile, the Radical Canada Cup races at several tracks in eastern Canada and one track in the U.S. Attracting drivers from over 20 countries, the Gulf Radical Cup has been running since 2006 at locations including the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina Circuit. Australia also has the well-known Radical Australia Cup series that supports the highly popular Bathurst 12 Hour endurance race at the country’s premium race track two hours east of Sydney.

The highlight of this SR3 XXR spec for the race car is the new Suzuki-sourced, 1.5-liter engine from the Hayabusa motorcycle that can rev to an astonishing 10,000 rpms. Boasting an output of 232 horsepower, this car is the first Radical model that can run on biofuel. The high-output powertrain gives the lightweight machine an enviable power-to-weight ratio of over 350 hp per tonne. 

All new standard features not previously offered on the SR3 include a new pit lane speed limiter that keeps the vehicle’s speed below the pit lane limit and away from penalties in a race environment. A new LMP-inspired center tail shark fin delivers aerodynamic improvements to entry and mid-corner stability. The list of optional extras includes normal fare for race cars—a carbon fiber splitter and a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

Another crucial upgrade over the standard SR3 is its new braking system. The heavy-duty stoppers were developed in cooperation with AP Racing and deliver grippier performance thanks to a reduction in unsprung weight and improved pedal feel.

James Pinkerton, Radical Motorsport head of research and development and double Radical Cup UK champion, said “The SR3’s handling is renowned as a masterpiece so for the SR3 XXR, we tweaked the areas that count—like engine power and brakes.” 

“We looked at customer feedback as well as aspects we’d personally like as racing drivers. We then started to scrutinize every system on the vehicle to see where improvements could be made, whilst staying true to the SR3 formula.”

Enhancing the hardware improvements is a series of powertrain tweaks, including a redesigned oil cooling system, new engine and gearbox calibration, and fuel composition sensors that allow for the use of biofuels. Radical’s main aim – in addition to better performance – is improved durability at heavy loads. Translated, that means the ability to finish endurance races.

The new SR3 XXR is now available to order through Radical’s global retail network with dealers in 21 countries around the world. The race car will go into production in February next year with first deliveries expected later the same month.


Radical sports cars provide the best of both worlds in that they can compete in races but also be driven on public roads. This SR3 XXR however, is a track-only car and boasts a high-strung powertrain that one might expect. The fact that its engine is sourced from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine that spins freely to 10,000 revs and can use biofuel is a unique feature and one that puts it at the forefront of racing.

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