Four Neta Cars Teased Ahead of Malaysia Autoshow

Following the launch of the Neta V in Malaysia last year, Intro Synergy, the official distributor of the brand, revealed that it would introduce two additional all-electric models between 2024 and 2025. Meet the Neta U SUV and the Neta S fastback sedan. 

In a video on a Facebook page, the Chinese automaker hinted that it will be exhibiting four of its vehicles at the forthcoming Malaysia Autoshow 2024, which is scheduled to take place next week, in a video posted to Neta Auto Seremban’s Facebook page.

In essence, the Neta Aya is a redesigned version of the Neta V, an all-electric crossover offered in Malaysia. It was introduced in China in August of last year. It has an improved external design that makes it appear more attractive than the Neta V.

In China, Neta Aya is available in two versions, the 318 and 401. These models are propelled by two distinct single-motor front-wheel drive electric motor configurations. As a result, the 418 version generates 94 horsepower and 150 Nm, while the Aya 318 produces 54 horsepower and 110 Nm. The Neta Aya 318 and 401 models have respective CLTC-rated ranges of 318 km and 401 km but expect a 15% plus drop on that range in the real world.

Powered by a front-mounted electric motor with 95hp and 150 Nm, the Neta V is priced from RM100,000 in Malaysia. The all-electric crossover can go 380 km (NEDC) on a single charge thanks to a 38.5 kWh battery pack.

Conversely, the brand’s all-electric sports coupe is the Neta GT. Its powertrain options are single-motor rear-wheel drive (RWD) and dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD), with output ratings of 231 horsepower and 462 horsepower, respectively. Its all-electric range, rated for CLTC, can reach up to 580 kilometres.

The Neta X is positioned as the brand’s all-electric SUV and competes with vehicles such as the BYD Atto 3 and Chery Omoda E5. It packs a single-motor setup with a 163 hp output and has a range of up to 501 km (CLTC) which should fall by around 20% in the real world.

The Neta S, the automaker’s fastback sedan, is scheduled to debut in Malaysia in Q1 2025 and will go up against the BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3. The Neta S is available in China as a range extender electric vehicle (REEV) or all-electric drivetrain. With a 1.5-litre engine and a 43 kWh battery pack, the former can travel up to 715 km (CLTC) on a single charge, while the latter can travel up to 1,160 km.

The brand’s small all-electric crossover, the Neta U, was not included in the teaser but is scheduled to debut in Malaysia as early as the second half of 2024. The Neta U, which is available in its native China with a range of engine options, can produce up to 204 horsepower and 310 Nm, as well as offer range of 500 km (NEDC).


Neta is coming in hard and strong with a sizable lineup that offers some real competition to established rivals like Tesla. And the fact that they’re offering a full menu of 4 cars to start, and priced at very competitive prices really helps to put this Chinese brand on the map.

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