Fully Electric GAC Aion Y Plus Previewed In Malaysia

WTC Automotif (WTCA) has been busy this week. While officially previewing the GAC Aion Y Plus in Malaysia, it also opened order books for the brand’s GS3 Emzoom SUV while showcasing the Emkoo SUV.

The Aion Y Plus is all-electric, in contrast to the other two, and boasts some futuristic styling. It is sold under the GAC Aion sub-brand for EVs, which, like the main GAC brand, is owned by the Tan Chong Group firm in Malaysia.

According to WTCA, the Aion Y Plus will land in showrooms by mid-2024, but we still await word of the brand’s flagship Aion S Plus model.

The future of electric mobility is embodied by GAC Aion, and for WTCA, it can only be seen as a coup to have been given the exclusive distribution rights for GAC Aion in Malaysia. “This partnership highlights our commitment to offering the Malaysian market cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable mobility solutions,” said Tan Keng Meng, CEO of Warisan TC Holdings.

The Aion Y Plus is 80 mm longer and 5 mm slimmer than the BYD Atto 3 but the Aion’s look is likely to be more appealing to a wider cross-section of customers due to its stylish lines.

One of the design highlights of the EV is its so-called “Angel’s Wing” headlights, which incorporate seven horizontal light bars. The Aion Y Plus target is the young buyer and comes in a broad spectrum of seven exterior body colours.

The cabin offers ample space thanks to its long wheelbase and flat floor, and its fully reclinable front seats can be flattened to create a 1.8-metre-wide double bed. Rear passengers also get industry-leading space with up to 1,022 mm of legroom.

The 63.2 kWh “Magazine” lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) battery which powers the Aion Y Plus delivers 430 km of range in the more realistic WLTP mode.

These specifications match the Standard Range model with a single front motor that produces 204 hp and 225 Nm which is already offered in Thailand. A Long Range variant will also be available, boasting a 68.3 kWh LFP battery that can cover around 480 km.

What are your thoughts on the EV specs and design of the GAC Aion Y Plus? The Aion appears to be more roomy and useful than the sub-RM200k EV options available in Malaysia, which may help it stand out from Chinese competitors like the BYD Atto 3, Ora Good Cat, and the soon-to-come Chery Omoda E5. Its roominess and sub-RM200,000 price could very well set it apart from other Chinese rivals in the BYD Atto 3, Ora Good Cat and soon-to-be-launched Chery Omoda E5. 


With its radical ‘Angel-Wing’ headlights, cool design, and competitive range and pricing, the Y Plus is sure to give its rivals a run for their money. For the record, the Aion Y Plus 490 Elite (Standard Range) in Thailand costs 1,069,900 baht, or about RM142,584. Now that’s a good ballpark to be in.

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