Honda’s CR-V Sales Overtake Proton X70 In Malaysia

Honda’s current CR-V is reaching the end of the line and starting to show signs of aging. To inject some new life into this well-known marque, the Japanese brand has just debuted an all-new version in Thailand, and Indonesia, with a Malaysian spec model set to land on our shores soon.

Over the last few months, the CR-V has entered what the industry refers to as a “run-out mode” in which the current model is being phased out to make way for an upcoming new model through sales promotions. This affordable special offer should appeal to bargain hunters not looking for the latest model and don’t want to endure lengthy waiting times for newer versions.

Dealers for Honda Malaysia are currently running RM 8,000 in promotions for the current CR-V with the amount growing from last month’s RM6,000. But even though the Honda SUV is getting long in the tooth, it’s still hugely popular.

In fact, the Honda CR-V just surpassed the Proton X70 to take the top spot in Malaysia’s C-SUV sales ranking for July 2023, indicating that the strategy appears to be working. For the record, Toyota’s Corolla Cross is currently holding on to the top spot.

Only Proton has released sales data—881 units in July—for the Proton X70, however, industry sources claim that the X70 and CR-V were only separated by less than 10 units in July, despite the Honda’s more expensive price tag.

This is not to say that Proton is losing customers to the CR-V. Far from it. Because of the significant price difference, Honda dealers explained that the X70 was never the focus of their marketing campaign anyway.

While the price of the CR-V ranges from RM146,900 to RM171,400, the Proton X70 ranges from RM98,800 to RM123,800.

Interestingly, in an ideal world, Proton buyers are more likely to cross-shop for a cheaper B-segment Honda HR-V and not a C-segment CR-V. But for whatever reason, the CR-V is the model that just overtook the X70. So at the end of the day, it all comes down to price and what that car offers and has nothing really to do with segments. 

The Honda CR-V, on the other hand, is in a league of its own. No other vehicle in its class provides the same well-rounded equipment levels, fuel efficiency, low cost of ownership, handling, ride and practicality.

The Mazda CX-5 comes close, providing a significantly more expensive interior and better ride and handling. But with the Mazda, you get a smaller, more space-challenged cabin with less legroom than the CR-V.


On its last legs the CR-V is showing some staying power thanks to its quality, efficiency, reasonable price for what you get, and its street cred. The new CR-V is expected to receive a small price hike which will further distance it from the Proton—thus theoretically making the X70 more attractive. 

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