Lamborghini’s First-Ever PHEV Debuts In Malaysia 

Five months after its global debut in March of this year, Lamborghini’s first production hybrid—the Revuelto—was officially introduced in Malaysia this month. Unofficial pricing for the Revuelto here has been reported as starting at “from RM2.9 million” before taxes and options by a Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur official.

The latest update reveals that the Revuelto starts at RM2.5 million before taxes in Malaysia or RM6.5 million with taxes.

Following the limited, 63-unit run of the Sián, which used a supercapacitor in place of a battery, this is the first V12 vehicle from the Italian supercar manufacturer to introduce a plug-in hybrid.

The Revuelto’s engine is a petrol-electric plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with an entirely new V12 engine, and only the third V12 architecture in the brand’s history. The naturally aspirated V12 engine alone produces 825 ps and 725 Nm, with a screaming 9,500 rpm rev limit. Mated to an 8-speed DCT, this new V12 engine, which weighs 218 kg and is the brand’s lightest V12 engine to date, is 17 kg lighter than the Aventador’s V12 engine.

The V12 combustion engine is moved 180 degrees to meet the transverse-mounted gearbox to allow way for the battery pack in the central tunnel, and a new 8DCT system is mounted behind the engine. A 3.8 kWh unit fits neatly inside a 550 mm long, 240 mm wide, and 301 mm tall space thanks to the removal of the front axle’s prop shaft since the front drive is provided by two electric motors.

These oil-cooled, torque-vectoring front motors each produces 150 ps and 350 Nm, and together they have a combined output of a massive 1,015 ps. The car’s battery can be charged at a rate of up to 7 kW, allowing for a 30-minute full charge from empty. According to Lamborghini, this can also be recharged in just six minutes using either the V12 combustion engine or regenerative braking from the front wheels.

When the lithium-ion battery has to be recharged and there are no available charging stations, Citta (City) mode switches to completely electric driving by default and engages the gasoline engine to charge the battery. The suspension, gearbox and stability control systems are all configured for maximum comfort, and output is limited to 180 ps.

The V12 is always active in all drive modes, producing a maximum of 886 ps. Engage Sport mode and maximum power jumps to 907 PS while adjusting the suspension and aerodynamics to increase the car’s agility.

Recharge, Hybrid, and Performance, three distinct drive modes brought on by electrification, combine with Citta (City), Strada, Sport, and Corsa modes to offer a total of 12 combinations that the driver can choose from using two rotary dials on the newly-designed steering wheel.


This is the future of supercars. Boasting a V12 engine and plug-in hybrid system, the Revuelto pumps out a blindingly quick 1,015ps, as it showcases where supercars are going with electric motors. Every hypercar maker on the planet, including McLaren and Ferrari, is now experimenting with plug-in hybrids as they consider how to switch to fully electric over the next decade.

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