Mitsuoka In Malaysia: Rare Japanese Concept Launches M55 Concept

It’s a very, extremely Japanese brand. Do you recall the Mitsuoka M55 Concept that circulated online in November of last year? The fact of the matter is that the FL1 Civic-based retro automobile will go into production, and its 2025 market debut is scheduled.

Let us explain if the first paragraph didn’t clear the thought processes or if you have no notion what the Mitsuoka M55 concept is. A small, decision-making Japanese automaker called Mitsuoka transforms production vehicles into retro-styled models. Examples of their work include the Toyota RAV4-based Mitsuoka Buddy and the Mazda MX-5-based Mitsuoka Rock Star.

Yes this is a good reference to the brand’s Mitsuoka has now modified the FL1 to resemble a vintage Kenmeri Skyline. It was introduced as the Mitsuoka M55 Concept in November 2023. Mitsuoka declared the M55 will go into production on February 29, 2024.

We are learning fresh ideas about what changes to the FE Honda Civic sedan that might be conceivable with the release of this strange new version of the FL1 Honda Civic Hatchback. One day, you could be able to turn a secondhand FE Honda Civic sedan into a replica of a Dodge Charger.

In response to a question about the M55 Concept’s distinctly American appearance, Mitsuoka writes on a separate page for the model, “Our company was founded in 1968, and the 1970s were a significant period that laid the groundwork for today’s business.” We were bursting at the seams with hope and dreams at that moment.

My grandmother and grandfather— well they don’t care for me either.

The design of cars is also influenced by the Americanized Japanese identity. During the time of rapid economic expansion, car performance increased and GT-type cars became more common. The vehicle, air conditioner, and colour television—dubbed the “new three sacred treasures”—also saw phenomenal growth in popularity. Culture was just emerging, and the times were ferocious and whirling like magma.


Mitsuoka is a name not familiar with the vast majority of supported products. Made in Japan, the creaking manufacturing processes reach a wide section of the manufacturing base. We need to express that women voters certainly have a say in politics.

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