New Electric Volvo C40 Finally Lands In Malaysian Showrooms

One of the market’s best-proportioned, fully electric compact crossovers has just been launched in Malaysia. The revised Volvo C40—which will not be called the ‘Volvo EC40’—for 2024 still costs RM288,888, but it has a faster maximum DC charging rate of 200 kW (formerly 150 kW) and a longer range.

The C40’s increased EV performance figures are no doubt the biggest drawcard for Malaysian consumers. Thanks to its larger 82 kWh battery (was 78kWh), you can now travel up to 550 km (was 451km) on a single charge for the same price as the previous version. With a maximum DC charging rate of 200 kW (was 150kW) now possible for the C40, charging on a road trip is also considerably more enjoyable. The Volvo can charge from 10% to 80% state of charge (SoC) in just 27 minutes thanks to the quicker DC charging rate.

The C40’s performance numbers stay the same, with a maximum power output of 408 horsepower. The power distribution is now rear-biased, with the smaller front motor producing 117 kW and the more powerful rear motor producing 183 kW. In the past, the front and back of the C40 were powered by two 150 kW motors.

The new 19-inch wheels are the easiest way to distinguish the 2024 Volvo C40 from the current model, as the exterior is basically the same apart from a few tweaks to the wheels and lights. It has a new, asymmetrical appearance, and Volvo claims that the improved aerodynamics come from this redesign.

The C40 now comes in a new colour choice dubbed Vapour Grey, which appears on other Volvo vehicles. In addition, a major update to the exterior is the new Pixel LED headlights that utilises sensors to control forward lighting, making them capable of adjusting brightness for specific areas to ensure drivers’ visibility without blinding oncoming traffic.

Inside, the C40 for Malaysia hasn’t changed. As before, the C40 has access to Google Assistant, Google Maps, the Google Play Store, and the remote Volvo Cars app for five years at no cost with Digital Services. The website for Volvo Car Malaysia does not appear to have been updated to reflect the new name for the Volvo C40, which is the Volvo EC40.


The C40, oops I meant the new EC40–a change not yet reflected on the local website, offers the predecessor’s good looks, superb build quality, and just-the-right-size proportions, but with improved performance, longer range and quicker charging capabilities. And coming to market at a price starting at RM288,888 is very competitive and should give rivals a run for their money, including the Kia EV6.

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