Over 100 Smart #1s Delivered In Malaysia, Owners Get Free Charger

They said they’d do it. In less than a month, Smart Malaysia has successfully delivered over 100 Smart #1 electric vehicles (EVs) to eager customers. In celebration of the car’s official debut in Malaysia, a campaign is currently running until December 31, 2023, offering new owners a complimentary SmartCharge Home Charger valued at RM3,200.

Early bird purchasers will also receive a complimentary accessories package worth RM2,000 and a five-year/60 GB internet data package, among other things, in addition to the complimentary home charger.

The company credits the cooperation of its sales staff and its ten Smart showrooms throughout Malaysia for the Smart’s success. Additionally, the Hello Smart mobile app was important in ensuring that clients had a quick and easy purchasing experience, according to Smart Malaysia.

In addition to sales, the carmaker claims that the Smart #1’s early deliveries in Malaysia were made possible by having enough stock before the vehicle’s official introduction.

The Smart EV was launched in Malaysia just last month, after opening its order books some three months ago. Smart Malaysia has so far received over 1,000 orders for its brand-new EV as of early December this year.

Available in three variants, Premium, Pro, and Brabus, prices for the Smart #1 start from RM189,000 and range up to RM249,000. In Malaysia, a rear-mounted single-motor configuration powers the Smart #1 Pro and Premium models, producing 272 hp and 343 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the more potent Brabus version has a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system that generates 428 hp and 543 Nm.

With a single charge, the 49 kWh LFP battery pack that powers the Smart #1 Pro delivers up to 315 kms in range. In contrast, the larger 66 kWh battery used in the Premium and Brabus models, offers up to 400 km and 440 km of range, respectively.

Commenting on its initial 100 deliveries, Smart Malaysia CEO, Zhang Qiang stated, “As we deliver 100 Smart #1s in record time, we are thrilled to see our cars resonating with a segment of buyers who prioritize style and individuality.”


One hundred deliveries in one month is not surprising as the Smart #1 is arguably the best-looking EV in its class, and delivers smooth fast acceleration and a supple ride with competitive range and pricing. That makes it one of the most desirable on the market, so we can only see those numbers rising over the next few months.

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