Proton’s June Sales Down 12% To 10,999 Units But New EV brand Debuts

Proton sales are down for June. According to brand, they sold 10,999 vehicles in June, for a total of 73,696 units sold for the first half of this year. June’s monthly sales number is 12.16% lower than May’s due to Malaysia’s weaker total industry volume (TIV). The year-to-date sales figure is fell, with a 4.69% from the first half of 2023.

According to Proton’s forecast, June will have the lowest TIV of any month in 2024. According to the company’s estimate, the industry’s June car sales were only 57,700, which is even less than the TIV from April 2024. However, the predicted TIV for the year is 386,600 units, about 20,000 units higher than the TIV for the same period in 2023.

With 5,441 units sold, Proton’s standard Saga model was the company’s best-selling vehicle in June but its sales still fell by 678 units. The X50 sold 1,711 units, the S70 1,440 units, the Persona 1,309 units, the X70 481 units, the Iriz 369 units, and the X90 248 units all contributed to the monthly number.

Also in June, Proton also unveiled Proton e.MAS, a new EV sub-brand. It was later revealed that Pro-Net, a Proton subsidiary, is now under complete management of the brand, with the first full EV expected to debut by Q4.

Proton also achieved its 5-million vehicle production milestone in the same month, with the Proton X90 Flagship being the 5-millionth car produced. Along with the debut of the newly updated Proton X50, the brand also unveiled additional improvements to its B-segment SUV.

“The first half of 2024 has been a period of consolidation for Proton as we invested in strategic moves that will benefit our future,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar. “So, while the plant shutdown resulted in a short-term effect on our sales numbers, the efficiencies gained as a result of the work performed will help us to catch up in the second half of the year.”

“We are also happy to observe that the market has responded well to our recent introduction of the Proton X50. The model remains as the best option for those looking for a B-segment SUV and we expect a similar reaction from the market when we unveil the heavily revised 2025 Proton X70. With a new model launch from Smart just around the corner and the impending arrival of the first EV model from e.MAS, the market can expect more positive developments from Proton for the second half of the year.”


Proton’s June sales are merely a reflection of the TIV so lower volume is to be expected. It’s not surprising that the biggest seller is the Saga as it’s the right size, the right price at RM34,800 for the local market and gives customers the packaging they want.  But with the company having just launched its new EV sub-brand e.MAS, we can expect Proton to receive greater exposure and interest from clientele flocking to showrooms to see the new EVs.

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