Tesla Roadster, Cybertruck Are Most Anticipated EVs

  • Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck capture top 2 spots on global EV survey
  • LeaseFetcher surveyed 172 countries for these results
  • In US rankings, the Cybertruck is No 1, Roadster is No 2 and Hummer EV snags 3rd place.

Tesla might have been dethroned earlier this month as the maker of the quickest sedan in the world (the Lucid Air Sapphire beat the Model S Plaid over the quarter-mile), but it still manages to top global rankings when it comes to desirability and popularity.

Tesla Roadster is most anticipated EV globally.

The upcoming Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck models topped the rankings of a who’s who of electric cars—titled the “Top 10 most anticipated EVs by global search volume.” 

UK-based leasing comparison platform LeaseFetcher collected data from Google searches and created lists for multiple categories of electric vehicles, from the most anticipated to the most desired, both worldwide and in the U.S. The leasing platform looked at search volume data for electric cars across 172 countries to reach these surprising results.

According to LeaseFetcher, the long-awaited Tesla Roadster is the most anticipated electric car in 2022 globally, with a search volume of nearly seven million clicks. That means enthusiasts searched online for the Roadster at least 580,000 times per month all over the world.

Hot in the footsteps of the Roadster was the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck that ranked in at No 2 thanks to a total of 6,612,000 searches this year.

Given the sheer volume and variety of smart-looking, desirable, range-busting EVs that entered the market in 2022, results that put the Roadster at No 1 are unexpected—especially given that it debuted some five years ago and has not started production yet. For the record, the Cybertruck is basically in the same boat, stuck in limbo for at least another 6 months.

Moving down the list, the recently released and highly praised Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric people mover captured No 3, while the not-yet-in-production Apple Car came in 4th place.

If we look at results for the United States, the Cybertruck snags the top spot as the most anticipated EV, while the Tesla Roadster slots into 2nd place. In 3rd place is the unlikely GMC Hummer EV, with Cadillac’s Lyriq in 4th and Apple Car posting a surprisingly strong 5th spot.

In the production car rankings, the Tesla Model 3 dominates the most-desired EVs worldwide list by taking 1st place with a mammoth 25 million searches throughout the year, followed by the Kia EV6 (@ 16 million) and Tesla Model Y (@ 15 million).

As expected, if we look at results for the U.S. market alone, there are no surprises to see Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y capturing the first two spots of the most desired EVs list, with Ford’s Mustang Mach-E sliding into 3rd place and Tesla’s Model X in 4th and Model S in 7th spot. Finishing off the Top 10 are the Porsche Taycan, Rivian R1T and Polestar 2 in 8th, 9th and 10th respectively.


Well, no surprises there really. Sure, the Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck have had their fair share of issues getting to production, but given Tesla’s huge popularity on a global scale, these two cars are still and should remain, the most anticipated EVs for the foreseeable future. One reason the Roadster generates so much interest is that it not only sits as the upcoming Tesla flagship model but it’s expected to be the quickest EV on the planet with a 0-60mph time of 1.9 seconds.

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