Audi’s SQ8 e-tron In Malaysia Offers The Brand’s First Tri-Motor EV

Everyone seems to be talking about the new electric Macan, one of the most anticipated cars of the last decade. 

This is the hottest version of the SQ8 you will find—it’s the e-tron version and its insanely quick. In fact, it’s so advanced that it’ll keep up with the best that Audi, or Mercedes Benz for that matter has to offer.

But be ready to pay significant money for these cars—RM534,000 for the base model and RM544,000 for the Sportback version. And please be informed that these prices give you the so-called Audi Assurance Package. In terms of performance, think of the Mercedes AMG EQE SUV, which delivers similar power as the Audi.

So what do you get for the extra money? How about a set of sporty 22-inch wheels, as well as vents for the front wheelarches. Of particular note is the front-end design. Of course, one major highlight here focuses on the carbon-fibre 

Fitted to the flagship S-Line trim, owners will find special bespoke designs like the front headlights which post over 1.3 million pixels per headlight.

It comes with side-view cameras, which means that the SUV has monitors on the inside showing what’s happening behind the car. For the record, this is the first electric car in Malaysia to offer a 3-motor setup—one motor in the front and two at the back. It will reach 100 kph from zero in 4.5 seconds, with a top speed of limited to 210 kph.

As you might expect from EVs today, it takes around 30 minutes to charge your EV from zero to 80 %. In an SUV that’s around the size of a BMW iX, the EV’s power makes 403 hp and 973 Nm of torque, a healthy number indeed. So what can we hope for when it comes to rehabilitation? Range! This spec means you can drive 474 kms in the Sportback, but 458 kms in the SUV version.

According to Audi, the three-screen dashboard has been set up to provide significantly more access than current-day systems. The main touchscreen is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in addition to offering a 360-degree view to see around the car when parking. There’s a Sportback version as well as an SUV model.


The SQ8 e-tron is no doubt one of the best-looking SUVs on the market—by a country mile. Starting at RM534,000, it’s not cheap but it is competitive with its German rivals. And its levels of performance make it one of the most fun to drive electric vehicles out there. Period.

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