Porsche Sets New U.S. Sales Record in 2023, Driven by 911 and Macan Models

Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) announced record 2023 retail deliveries of 75,415 vehicles in the United States, a 7.6% increase over 2022. The growth was led by the 911 sports car and Macan SUV, both hitting new highs.

911 sales topped 11,000 units for the first time since 2007, jumping 14.6% on enthusiasm for the latest generation. The Macan compact luxury SUV set its own record with 26,947 deliveries, up 13.8% over last year.

“We are thrilled Porsche ranked number one among luxury brands in the 2023 J.D. Power U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index Study,” said Timo Resch, President and CEO of PCNA. “As we enter 2024, we remain focused on supporting our customers and debuting exciting new models.”

The electric Taycan saw sales grow 4.1% to 7,570 vehicles, making up 10% of total deliveries. Meanwhile, the 718 sports car lineup was up nearly 30%. The new, third-generation Cayenne SUV sold over 20,000 units.

With strong momentum carrying over from its 75th anniversary celebrations, Porsche heads into 2024 well-positioned to inspire both loyal and prospective owners through much-anticipated vehicle launches.

Our Thoughts

I am not shocked that the far more expensive Taycan has sold so well compared to its closest electric vehicle rival, the Tesla Model S Plaid. While the Taycan may cost consumers double that of a decked-out model S Plaid, Porsche has consistently demonstrated an ability to justify premium pricing through its meticulously crafted brand image and identity over the decades.

By preserving its reputation for high performance, luxury, and exclusivity, Porsche inspires an emotional connection and loyalty among lovers of the badge that transcends price sensitivity. We are seeing this play out with Porsche sales, as buyers in this segment make decisions driven more by passion and desire rather than value assessments. The resilience of Porsche’s aspirational status is what continues to drive strong sales even when cheaper EV options with similar specs exist.

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