Tesla’s Cybertruck Makes Its Move On Discerning Market

Before its first delivery at the end of this month, a screenshot of the Cybertruck’s specifications was leaked. As a result, we now have a good idea of the truck’s dimensions as well as several other unexpected features.

The Cybertruck was hit by the sky-rocketed TED speech scheduled to launch in spring 2024, but it will now finally take to the road at the end of this month, following multiple delays. However, there are still a lot of unknowns regarding the truck.

However, today’s TFLEV YouTube video claims to have obtained leaked specifications from an anonymous Tesla insider. It also includes a few images that indicate that the bed will have a NEMA 14-50 240v outlet in addition to the regular 120v outlets.

After going over the specifications and doing a comparison with a few different vehicles, the video comes to the conclusion that the Cybertruck is “just shy” of the size of modern full-size trucks.

The specs from the video are listed below. The specs appear to match what we already know about the truck rather nicely, even though we are unable to verify their veracity and are unaware of the source from whom TFLEV obtained them. Furthermore, specifications such as these are frequently released internally to assist in the training of technicians or in the preparation of marketing materials this close to the vehicle’s introduction.

Cybertruck’s bed length and width are substantial, at over six feet long, and about as wide as other trucks on the road at 51 inches. An over six-foot long bed is impressive with the shorter length of the Cybertruck, though we don’t know if it still includes a mid-gate as originally planned. Also, we know from recent photos that the Cybertruck’s bed has angled sides instead of vertical ones, so if they’re measuring from the top instead of the bottom, they’re cheating each of these numbers a bit.

Here again, the Cybertruck appears to be halfway between full-sized and mid-sized vehicles. In spite of being more of a “four adult” truck than a “five adult” passenger vehicle, the Cybertruck outperforms anything else in the field in terms of headroom. This is noteworthy because of the Cybertruck’s comparatively smaller overall height and the fact that its height only reaches its maximum at the triangle’s top, as opposed to having a flat roof. 

Yet even with the disputed angle, the rear headroom is still very decent. Compared to many trucks on the road, this one is substantially shorter at 18.6 feet, or 223 inches, in length. The length of the F-150 Lightning and full-size Ram 1500 is around 230 inches. Although the standard model of the mid-size Toyota Tacoma is shorter, it is significantly longer at 225 inches when equipped with the 6-foot bed arrangement. Although the Rivian R1T is 217 inches long and has a tiny bed, it is more of an “adventure truck” and is therefore more agile. All of this is consistent with TFLEV’s assessment, which places the Cybertruck in the mid-to full-size range.


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