Cybertruck-Inspired? Red Star Box1 EV Van Headed To Malaysia In 2024

Speak of hard edges and isometric angles, and car nuts these days automatically think of the Tesla Cybertruck. But in China, and in Q3 next year in Malaysia, a rather edgy electric van called the Red Star Auto Box1 will land in showrooms across the country.

Go Auto will distribute the van in Malaysia, according to a social media statement made by the executive chairman of the company. Currently, the company distributes Chinese brands including Yutong, Higer, and Neta.

A quick look at the company’s history tells us that Red Star Auto is one of China’s oldest automakers, dating back to 1960. They started off rebadging early Toyota LiteAce and HiAce vans and customising pre-existing vans and minibuses to serve as so-called “travel vehicles.”

Following a phase of mergers and acquisitions, the business began manufacturing a variety of automobiles, such as mini electric cars and commercial vans.

Seemingly inspired by the Cybertruck, the Box1 van is the brand’s entry into the electric commercial vehicle market and measures 4,690 mm in length, 1,780 mm in width, and 1,955 mm in height. Sitting on a 2690mm wheelbase, that makes it around the same size as a Nissan X-Trail but longer than the Nissan NV200.

The van comes with LED headlights and a subtly lit logo sprucing up the angular body. We should note that Red Star offers a passenger van version as well with two captain seats in the back. While not quite on a par with the new Toyota Alphard, which has to be the benchmark in terms of luxury minivans, the Box1 still offers some decent luxury for second row passengers.

Red Star are remaining tight-lipped about specs, but we do know that the van will arrive with a 81hp motor and boast a top speed of 90 km/h.


With the Cybertruck putting edgy, triangular design on the map, the Red Star Box1 van will not seem that out of place with its angular styling. However, it may need a slightly higher top speed if it’s going to draw customers into showrooms. And given demand for these minivan-style of vehicles will only increase over the coming years, it’s good to see the company offering a luxurious family oriented spec as well as a commercial grade van.

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